Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2 Coming to Nintendo Switch 2021

If you're a Monster Hunter fan, then the most recent Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase may have sent you into overdrive. In it were two brand new Monster Hunter games, a new main series title, Monster Hunter Rise, and a sequel to the acclaimed 3DS spin-off, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. Nintendo even held a dedicated Monster Hunter direct straight afterwards to go into further details. More information after the jump!

Monster Hunter Rise is the next instalment in the main series, and seems to take some of the beloved features from Monster Hunter World (including seamless maps!), which never made it's way over to the Switch. There will be three editions of Monster Hunter Rise available - a standard retail release, a digital deluxe edition, and a physical collectors edition.

The standard edition will retails for $79.95AUD and will be like any other standalone game. The digital deluxe edition, however, will sell exclusively for $94.95AUD on the eShop, and will come with the game, as well as some exclusive DLC, such as the “Kamurai” full layered armour set, exclusive gestures, cosmetic items and more. Pre-ordering any version of the game on the eShop will give you exclusive layered costume armor for your Palamute and Palico, as well as a special Novice Talisman to help assist you at the start of your adventure.

The big meat (and what I'll be purchasing) is the physical collectors edition. It comes with a physical version of the game, all the content of the digital deluxe edition, alongside a Magnamalo amiibo (one of the three new amiibo figures), a sticker pack, and a Kamaru Mark enamel pin. Way back when Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate released, we were bummed out Australia never received the Collectors Edition, so we aren't going to miss the opportunity to nab this.

In addition, three brand new Monster Hunter amiibo were also announced- one being the already mentioned Magnamalo amiibo, but we'll also receive a Palamute and Palico amiibo. These amiibo will unlock different special layered armor sets in Monster Hunter Rise, and will also see use in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. Currently, prices and where to purchase these amiibo have yet to be revealed, but Nintendo AU states details will be available soon. It should be noted the amiibo are exclusive to GameStop in the US, EB Games in Canada, and will be available via the My Nintendo Store for those Europe.

Now let's talk about Monster Hunter Stories. The first iteration released on the 3DS in 2017, which we actually picked up but haven't never a tonne of. Not much was revealed about the title other than you'll once again play as a Rider, and a few monsters that will be popping up, including Anjanath from World. It seems the plot will revolve around Rathalos mysteriously disappearing. One thing that is certain is just how beautiful the game looks. It's also very user friendly and less "hardcore" than the main series game, so if you've been interested in getting into the series, this is a good starting point!

A tonne of other games were also announced in the Partner Showcase, including Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise and Rune Factory 4, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, and many many more. You can watch the full presentation below. Monster Hunter Rise is set to release on March 26th, 2021, and Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin set for a Winter 2021 release in Australia.

Our own speculation hopes that with this, they'll bring back Felyne as a Villager in New Horizons, but with the Super Mario collaboration happening in March as well, we don't think it's too likely! But, ya know, pretty please?
Being a huge fan of the MH series, we'll be sure to report as more details are revealed. Capcom have already announced they'll be revealing more details at TGS 2020 Online September 25th, and Capcom TGS Live 2020 the following day. As always, if you haven't already, be sure to follow us over on Twitter and Tumblr, as well as considering supporting us on Patreon if you're able to, your help and support goes a long way! Feel free to join our discord server too!


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