The Version 1.5.0 Update is Now Live in New Horizons!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has now been updated to Version 1.5.0, adding farming, Halloween content, and more into the game. The update is now live in all regions, and we are beginning to compile our findings. Check out what we've discovered below, and stay tuned for our guides coming soon!

- The Ring-Con item has been sent to players via mail as thanks for downloading the update
- Isabelle will greet the player talking about Halloween and Pumpkins, letting players know they're being sold*
- You'll receive a letter from Jack informing you about Halloween, with Jack's Portrait attached*
- The Nook Stop has new rewards, including Body-Paint Costume Tips (2,400) and  Exploring New Eye Colors (2,400),both of which add new spooky skin tones and eye colors*
- There are 4 different Pumpkin Colors, Orange, Green, Yellow and White, but you won't know which one you have until they grow*
- The Able Sisters will start selling Halloween Costumes, including the Mage's Dress, Raggedy Outfit, and Mummy Outfit*
- Candy can be bought at Nook's Cranny for 120 Bells, limited to one per customer per day*
* Nook's Cranny will also sell Pumpkin themed furniture, such as the Spooky Table and Spooky Carriage
- Alternatively, Villagers can be seen crafting new Spooky DIYs or via Balloon Presents; such as the Spooky Standing Lamp and Spooky Chair*
- Pumpkin Starts can be bought at Nook's Cranny for 280 Bells, or can be bought from Leif for 140 Bells*
- Spooky items include: 
spooky table, spooky arch, spooky scarecrow, spooky tower, spooky carriage, spooky lantern, spooky chair, spooky lantern set, spooky candy set, spooky standing lamp, spooky garland, spooky table setting, spooky wand and spooky fence
- Other new items include; Jack's Face (Orange), Jack's Robe (Purple), and Jack's Poster
- You can give you Villagers candy on October 31st. If you refuse, they'll change your skin tone and add face paint to you. If you give them candy, you'll be given some Spooky Furniture, or a new Scare Reaction. Giving Candy to Jack will also learn you a new Reaction
- If you dress up as Jack on Halloween and speak to your Villagers, they may mistake you as the Czar himself and give you Candy
- When viewing the catalogue, you can press Y to turn off unorderable items

*will become available starting October 1st

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