Animal Crossing: New Horizons Version 1.5.1 Coming Soon

The Version 1.5.0 update only came out a few days ago, but Nintendo have already discovered a bug introduced with it, and have been quick to address it. There's no word on when they'll patch it out, but given their history, it shouldn't be too long before the next update is pushed. Thankfully, the bug isn't anything game breaking! Full details below.

The bug in question causes certain Nook Miles titles not to appear in the Passport. They've also addressed concerns over villager posters in Photopia, which some players perceived as a bug. Previously, you could catalogue these posters by visiting another players Island, and then ordering them yourself. Since Version 1.5.0, this is no longer possible, and you can only get Villager Posters if you've scanned their amiibo into Photopia yourself, or have that Villager on your Island. Many were concerned this was a glitch introduced in the latest update, but Nintendo have confirmed this is not a glitch, and this is actually how the function was always supposed to operate.

That's the only bug they've shared thus far, and as previously mentioned, we don't expect it to be too long until the next update is pushed. Remember, when it comes, you'll need to install the latest update to use online features.

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