Buy Animal Crossing: New Horizons At Walmart, Get a Free PopSocket

Most of these purchases bonuses were seen before New Horizons released as pre-order bonuses, but it seems American retailer Walmart has hopped back on the train, and will be giving out an exclusive Animal Crossing themed PopSocket. Full details below!

The bonus has the classical Animal Crossing leaf background, with the faces of Tom Nook and Isabelle. It seems the promotion will run until "stocks last", and Walmart has even added a little cheek  into their announcement. It should be noted that Animal Crossing: New Horizons is currently the best selling Nintendo Switch title, so it seems odd to be adding a bonus this late into it's release, since most Switch owners likely have the game already. It could simply be a way for Walmart to boost sales, or even a plan by Nintendo to persuade the fanbase to double-dip on the games.

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