Animal Crossing: New Horizons Version 1.6.0 Update Coming, Adds Turkey Day, Toy Day + More!

It's been a while since we last saw a hefty update to New Horizons, but the latest update has just been announced, which likely will be the last major update for the year, adding Turkey Day (Thanksgiving) and Toy Day (Christmas). If you're eager for some more content, you won't have to wait too long, as the update will go live on November 19th! Full details are below!

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First off is the Thanksgiving event, known at Turkey Day, which will happen on November 26th. Players will be able to participate in the event by helping Franklin collect ingredients to make food to display around the Resident Services. You'll also be able to collect Turkey Day items and DIY's at Nook's Cranny during the holidays!

Toy Day will happen on December 24th, and starting the month of December you'll be able to purchase themed items and clothing at Nook's Cranny and The Able Sisters. Shaking trees may also cause Ornaments to drop, which you can use to craft a variety of Festive items. Jingle will come to visit on December 24th, and if you help him out by delivering presents to your villagers, you'll be rewarded with unique gifts.

Those to events are the main meat of the update, but a number of other things will be added alongside. Firstly, a number of new Reactions and Hairstyles will become available at the Nook Stop Terminal, and once you've fully paid off your home loan, you'll be able to have Nook expand your storage to hold up to 2,400 items!

Next, Dreaming has received another update, which will now allow players to visit random Dream Addresses. A Pocket Camp Smartphone Model will also be available, to celebrated 3 years of the mobile app. The NSO App will also receive an update, allowing players to access their catalog. As always, as a thanks for updating the game, players will receive a special Yule Log item. During the month of December, players in the Northern Hemisphere will be able to order a special Aurora Borealis wallpaper and sweater from Nook Shopping, and those in the Southern Hemisphere can order a Sunflower Rug and Crown.

However, two big new features will become available, save data transfer! Players will be able to either move their character, items, and house to another island, or they can move their entire save data, island included, to another Switch console. Full details can be found over at Nintendo's website.

We'll have a proper post that goes over all the new items spotted later! If you want to watch the full breakdown trailer, we've linked it below!

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