Nintendo Japan Releases Free Winter 2020 Magazine, New Horizons Listed as Best Software Title

A few months back, Nintendo Japan released a Summer magazine which showcased New Horizons, including some new renders. Now for the Winter, Nintendo have released their next addition, which again includes some Animal Crossing, and even lists New Horizons as their best ranked title!

The magazine goes over a tonne of Nintendo content, including the latest Animal Crossing Winter fashion, as well as what you can get up to over the snowy months. There's also a list that goes over the 10 best software titles this holiday season, which has New Horizons at number one! Sadly, there aren't any nice extras like the crossword puzzle from the last issue, but there's some Mario themed stationary, and a Mario calendar that goes over the next three months!

The magazine covers a lot more, including many other Nintendo games including Splatoon, Pokemon, Pikmin, and Mario. Much like the Summer issue, there's a nice page to get you hyped for the holiday season that goes over Winter themed Nintendo Characters! You can view the full magazine here.

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