TGA 2020 - Monster Hunter: Rise Information Revealed, Demo Coming January 2021

Monster Hunter: Rise was initially revealed back in September, and has remained rather dormant on the news front since then. Recently, however, at The Game Awards, we got a look at a brand new trailer, which showed off some new features, areas, and new and returning monsters! It was also announced that a limited time demo would be coming at sometime in January 2021. Full details below!

The Flooded Forest from the games third generation was revealed as a new area, which has been a fan favorite map. Being able to explore this area with an open-world map is sure to make veteran fans happy. Alongside the area, Royal Ludroth, and Great Wroggi were revealed to be returning monsters.

Two new monsters were also revealed, Somnacanth, and Bishaten. Somnacanth is a Leviathan-like monster, capable of inflicting the sleep status on hunters, whilst Bishaten is an agile Fanged Beast. Both new monsters will inhabit the Flooded Forest area.

The trailer also gave some new details on the new Rampages, in which "frenzied Monsters attack the village", and will take place in the Stronghold area. The use of the world frenzy could be pointing back to the Frenzy Virus causes by the Magala family in the games fourth generation, or it could be something new all together. Whatever the case is, the new feature looks really interesting! 

Capcom also announced that a demo would be coming sometime in January 2021. This game just keeps looking better and better, and we can't wait to be able to get our hands on it! You can watch the full trailer below!

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