Various Animal Crossing Goodies Coming to Japan This Month, Including Bouquet, Guide Book + More

December is the month of giving, and if you're an Animal Crossing fan in Japan, it seems Nintendo has you covered. They've just announced a tonne of merch to release this holiday season, including some lovely Animal Crossing themed bouquets, as well as a guide book for the game! Full details below.

47CLUB will be releasing a limited supply of Animal Crossing themed bouquets, themed with your favorite characters, and are absolutely adorable. They seem to be limited to 500 of each set, so if you're in Japan and are after one, you better get in quick!

Next is a nice looking guide book, which personally, I'm very tempted to pick up. The issue with guide books for New Horizons is the amount of update the game receives, these guides come outdated very quick. This one, however, promises to give you inspiration for your Island, and also comes with a current furniture catalog, including all available colors, so it may be worth picking up. The book is 160 pages, and will release on December 19th.

Bandai has also revealed some sound toys that will be based on some characters, where pressing the button will play a soundclip of that character, as well as music from the series. This is a very simple toy, but should appeal to the younger audience. Some more merch that was only available by a 7-11 lottery will also receive a restock, starting January next year, which can be purchased at 7-11, Ito-Yokado, and Nintendo Tokyo.

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