Animal Crossing Fridge Magnets Coming to Japan in May


Bandai have announced 16 unique Animal Crossing themed magnets will be coming to Japan later this year. These magnets include faces of your favorite Animal Crossing characters, including K.K. Slider, Raymond, Lily, Molly and more!

In addition, the magnet sets will also come with a memo card, which looks like some of the stationary you see in Animal Crossing. You'll also receive some chewing gum with the packs. You can buy a box, but the boxes only come with 14 units, meaning you'll be missing 2 characters if you're going for a full set. The magnets can be bought by a number of Japanese retailers, including Amazon Japan, and will release sometime in May.

It's nice to see the series receive a tonne of love, but it does sting a little seeing all these cool knickknacks not releasing in other countries when there's a clear market for them... Hopefully with the heightened popularity of the series, we'll see more in the coming months. Alternatively, you could always use the nice stock images as avatar icons online!

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