Animal Crossing: New Horizons Version 1.7.0 Update Coming, Adds Festivale, New Items + More!

It's been a long time coming, but the late January update to New Horizons has finally been revealed, which will be coming January 28th. The update will add the Festivale event, happening o February 15th, among other things. Full details below!

The main meat to this update, and the sole focus of the trailer, is the long speculated Festivale event. Festivale first appeared in City Folk, which had the player collect colored feathers in exchange for unique prizes. The event seems more or less the same this time around, par a few minor changes, but the rewards have seen a snazzy new revamp. There also appears to be a new Reaction added, too! The website states you'll be able to buy this Reaction from Nook's Cranny between February 1st and 15th.

In addition, a number of DLC items will be available via Nook Shopping through out the month of February, including Setsubun and Valentines Day themed items! You'll be able to buy some Oni Masks from the Able Sisters, and order some Heart Chocolates and Heart Roses via Nook Shopping, which will have different variations each day! 

A couple more Seasonal items will also be available from Nook Shopping, which you can view below.

The next update will come sometime in March, and will contain Super Mario themed items, which was revealed last year in September as a part of Mario's 35th anniversary. As a thanks for downloading the update, all players will receive the new Maracas item, to help further celebrate the Festivale.

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