My Nintendo Store Launches in Australia, Adds Physical My Nintendo Rewards

After receiving little to no updates from August last year, and seemingly removing all but few Wii U and 3DS rewards yesterday, it seemed the Australian version of My Nintendo was on the decline. Earlier today, however, Nintendo announced via Twitter they were launching their My Nintendo store which has some beautiful items, available for both money and platinum points! Full details below.

Currently, most of their loot are Mario themed items, most likely to coincide with Mario's 35th anniversary, and the. Their merchandise is a little on the pricey side, though it's rather appealing and easy on the eyes. Hopefully we'll see a little more stock and updates in the coming months. If you're more strapped for cash, they do have a few items that can be bought with Platinum Points, though a $7.95 shipping fee incurs, but they are offering free shipping on any orders over $80.

You can view their full selection of merchandise here, and their My Nintendo platinum point rewards hereNintendo Australia also discontinued their eBay store back in November last year. With this new My Nintendo Store, let's hope they keep it updated, because there certainly are is a tonne of potential here, especially for us die hard Nintendo fans.

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