Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Festivale Event Guide

The Festivale Event starts at 5am on February 15th, and allows you to earn an assortment of festive and colorful rewards. Our guide goes over everything you need to know about Festivale, so Be sure to read this guide to make sure you don't miss out on any of the exclusive Festivale items!

The event itself is rather simple, and requires you to get dressed up in your Festivale attire, which can be bought from the Able Sisters. Once you're dressed to party, you can speak to Pave to start the event. Pave will give you a basic run down of the event, as well as give you the DIY Recipe for the Rainbow Feather, and then ask you to deliver feathers for rewards.

During the event, a variety of feathers will be falling from the sky which you can catch with your net. These feathers come in the colors Blue, Green, Purple, Red, and on the rare occasion, Rainbow. You can also speak to your Villagers to trade feathers.

If you bring three of the same colored feather to Pave, you'll be given an item from the Festive furniture set as a reward - the color depending on which feathers you gave to Pave. You can also give Pave 1 Rainbow Feather for a piece of Festive furniture in the Rainbow color. If you get a color you don't particularly like, you can always customize it at a DIY bench with 2 Rainbow Feathers. The Festive set includes the; Festive Balloon Lamp, Confetti Machine, Drum, Flag, Garland, Lamp, Parasol, Stall, and Stage. There is no wallpaper or floorings for the set.

Once you've given Pave enough feathers for 9 rewards, he'll inform you of the Ultimate Festivale Reward. If you bring Pave three Rainbow Feathers, you'll be rewarded with the exclusive Festivale Float item. You can continue bringing Feathers to Pave for the remainder of the Event, but it won't net you anymore exclusive rewards.

Don't forget you can also buy some exclusive Reactions from Nook's Cranny! And that's pretty much it for the Festivale Event! Be sure to let us know if we've missed anything! As always, if you haven't already, be sure to follow us over on Twitter and TumblrFeel free to join our discord server too!


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