Pokemon GO: An Eventful February Ahead!

As this year’s Season of Celebration draws to an end, get ready for an action-packed February in Pokemon GO with the Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day, and the Kanto Tour events. There will be plenty of firsts for new and rare Pokemon - the key details are below!

From Tuesday 9th - Saturday 14th February, the Lunar New Year celebrates the Year of the Ox. To keep in theme, Tauros features in a Timed Research event, and red Pokemon can be found more frequently in the wild. Keep an eye out for Latios and Latias in five star raids, as well as Mega Pidgeot, Mega Ampharos, and for the first time ever, Mega Gyrados in Mega raids! There’s also a chance to encounter shiny Gyrados in the wild.

From Saturday 14th - Thursday 18th February, Valentines day sees in an annual Valentine’s day event with some Pokemon making their Pokemon GO debuts being promised alongside exclusive avatar gear to glam yourself up! No real details as of yet, so we will keep you updated.

On the 20th of February the Kanto Tour will be up and running from 9am to 9pm (your local time). Everyone will be able to access an event-exclusive Timed Research on the day, higher encounter rates with 1st-gen Pokemon, and Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Mewtwo return to Legendary raids with exclusive attacks. In the ticketed version of the event, all 150 Kanto Pokemon will appear in the wild, some with Shinies new to Pokemon GO. Ticket holders will also gain access to a Special Research event line with a Shiny Mew waiting to be discovered! Check out the Pokemon GO website for further info on even more rewards, including brand new Shadow Pokemon!

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Written by Harper Stephens


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