Sanrio x Animal Crossing: New Horizons Collaboration, Coming March 18th

Towards the end of February, Nintendo announced they'd be restocking the coveted Sanrio amiibo Cards in all regions. Though nothing was officially announced at the time, it wasn't uncommon to assume the Sanrio villagers from the Welcome amiibo update from New Leaf may be making their return... Nintendo have now released a trailer revealing this to be the exact case! Full details below.

The update will release on March 18th, and adds the Sanrio inspired villagers Ria, Toby, Chai, Marty, Etolie, and Chelsea into the game. To get these exclusive villagers on your Island, you'll need to scan their amiibo in via the exclusive Sanrio amiibo cards. These cards were previously released back in , and will re-release on March 26th. The cards are currently only available for pre-order in Australia and Japan, though we have a preorder guide available, which will be updated once preorders go live in each region.

In addition to adding the six new villagers, a tonne of Sanrio inspired clothing items and furniture will also be added. These new items are more or less the same as the ones from New Leaf, but there are a handful of new ones added in, namely rugs. You can check them out in the screenshots below!

The update is due out March 18th, and those who already have the amiibo cards can scan them in right away. For those without the cards, they'll be restocked the following week on March 26th. As always, if you haven't already, be sure to follow us over on Twitter and TumblrFeel free to join our discord server too!


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