Animal Crossing: New Horizons Version 1.9.0 Update Now Live; Here's What's New!

Full details of the Version 1.9.0 update were announced yesterday, and now the update is available in all regions! We are beginning to compile a list of everything that's new, including things that weren't in the initial reveal. Be sure to check back intermittently, as this post is constantly being updated! Of course, this post will contain spoilers.

  • The 1st Anniversary Cake has been sent to all players who downloaded the update
  • Accessing the Nook Stop terminal allows you to redeem Nook Miles to expand your pattern storage and Pro Editor App
  • Custom Design Pro Editor+ costs 2,000 miles, giving you an additional 50 pattern spaces, and the ability to design more items, such as Umbrellas
  • Custom Designs Portal costs 300 miles, allowing you to access the portal anywhere via your Nook Phone
  • The Sanrio characters can be invited to the Campsite via their amiibo card, and then asked to move in
  • In order to obtain the Sanrio items, you can order them via the Promotion tab on Nook Shopping once you have scanned in that characters amiibo (they can be scanned in via the Nook Stop Terminal, or in Photopia)
  • You can not adopt the Sanrio villagers from other islands if they are moving out
  • All Sanrio items are locked behind the amiibo cards. You can not catalog the furniture sets from other players, as they'll appear as "Not For Sale" in the catalog
  • The Sanrio characters now have their own exclusive character posters, rather than the crossover ones previously obtainable

  • The Prom items include the: mash, sash, tiara, crown, sequin dress, bubble skirt party dress, slip dress, tuxedo, and dance shoes. These will be available in a variety of different colors.
  • New items not mentioned in the update include: Tom Nook's Photo, Isabelle's Photo, Timmy + Tommy's Photo, and Aloha Edition Carry Case
  • There are 5 new Bunny Day items, being the Topiary, Garden Flag, Planter Box, Candy, and Tree

We'll have a proper datamine post with images of all new items going up over the weekend.


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