Celebrate 15 Years of Pokemon With This Special Singing Pikachu!

In line with Pokemon's 25th anniversary celebrations, a special Pikachu is being released to players of Pokemon Sword and Shield, that knows the exclusive move Sing. You have until March 25th to redeem this Pikachu, and you'll need to use a special password to redeem it via Mystery Gift.

In order to obtain the Pikachu, you'll need to input the password P25MUS1C on the Mystery Gift menu, which will allow you to receive the Pikachu! Pikachu comes at level 25 in a Cherish ball, holding a Light Ball. It will know the attacks; Sing, Encore, Celebrate, and Electro Ball.

If you're having trouble downloading the Pikachu, you can get further instructions over on the Official Pokemon websiteAs always, if you haven't already, be sure to follow us over on Twitter and Tumblr. Feel free to join our discord server, too!


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