[GUIDE] Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island Tour Creator Now Live, Here's What You Can Do!

Announced within the series of tweets outlining the Version 1.9.0 update, was a mention of an Island Tour Creator to allow players to create and share posters of their Island, with their Dream Address attached, to be coming on March 23rd. If you want to use it, the service will only be available until December 31st, 2021.

To access the website, simply scan the QR code in the header image and it will take you to the website. It will default to Japanese, but at the top you can change the language to match that of your region. From there, you'll video call with Tom Nook, and you can create a poster or a trailer to showcase you Island. The easiest way to do this is by taking photos of videos on your Nintendo Switch, then sending them to your Smart Phone. From here, you can upload them to the website.

If you chose the basic option, once you've uploaded a photo, you can the chose templates for your poster, and then will enter your DA to have it added onto the poster. If you just want to create a nice poster, there's also an option to create it without a Dream Address!

When you pick the advanced option, you can chose up to three features you want to showcase. You can chose from The Museum, Fashion, Events, your House, Items, Favories, Neighbours, Scenery, or simply a nice photo opportunity. From here, you can upload three screenshots, or one video to highlight each selection. If you upload photos, it will give you a basic slideshow of the selected photos. If you instead chose to pick a video, you'll be given basic edition options. From there, you can select a thumbnail, and the website will create a video for you to share.

We tried our hand at the basic option, it it was simple enough, and here was our result! There may be a little more to it, but that's the general gist. We'll share more details as they come. If you're still having trouble, the website goes over some tutorials and guides to give you a hand.

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