Animal Crossing Build-a-Bear Plush Collection Details Revealed

Last month it was announced that plush brand would be collaborating once again with Nintendo to reveal a much anticipated Animal Crossing collection. At the time they didn't mention any details, but have now revealed some of the plush in the collection! Full details below!

Currently, only the Tom Nook and Isabelle plush have been revealed. Both characters will be wearing their summer out fit, and in typical build-a-bear fashion, will either play the theme to New Horizons, or collection of emotes and phrases when hugged. Their YouTube channel released a video which shows off the creation.

Due to the lack of characters and customization options, fans are a little disappointed with what was revealed, as well as the whole "queuing" factor for the distribution. The collection has now sold out, but they have promised a restock happening at a later date. For those in Australia, we are still waiting official details on how the distribution of the plush will be handled.

Update: Build-a-Bear have announced a new character plush will be arriving in the Summer. we'll bring more details as they come.

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  1. The amount of characters and customization options is exactly the same as all the other licensed properties build-a-bear has done. Stop saying "fans" when you mean "you."

    1. If you look at BABW's Twitter and Facebook, just about everyone is upset with how much hype this got for how little it turned out to be. It's not just them. And I was wanting more characters and outfits as well! This was a big disappointment for me as a fan of both Animal Crossing and Build A Bear.


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