Curveball! Animal Crossing: New Horizons Version 1.10.0 Announced, Brings Back Museum Day, Wedding Season + More

Starting with Version 1.1.0, and ending with Version 1.9.0, it seemed the next logical step would be giving New Horizons a big Version 2.0.0 update, especially to coincide with it's one year anniversary. Much to many fans dismay, Nintendo have thrown a curveball, and instead given us Version 1.10.0. We have full details under the cut!

May Day, Museum Day, and Wedding Season are all returning from last year. Thankfully, they're not a simple copy and paste job, with May Day (April 29th - May 7th) offering a new Island, Museum Day (May 18th - May 31st) including the Art Exhibit, and Wedding Season (June 1st - June 30th) receiving brand new furniture and clothing items, which will be available via Nook Shopping and The Able Sisters.

Sadly, that's all the events the update will bring this time around. As usual, there are a few seasonal items to celebrate Children's Day, UK's Rolling Cheese festival, Father's Day, and many more. The Japanese website has a list of what seasonal items will be available, and when, all the way through August. We'll add a translation shortly.

You may have seen some posts floating around of an unobtainable villager house exterior floating around. unfortunately, Nintendo of Japan have released a statement, claiming this was an error and have since removed the image. You can read the full details here.

Currently, that's all the update will bring. If you're waiting for a more meatier update, it's likely you'll need to hold out until June, as this update has content lasting the next 2 months. 

The update will go live on April 28th, 10am JST, 11am AEDST, and 7pm April 27th CST. As always, if you haven't already, be sure to follow us over on Twitter and TumblrFeel free to join our discord server too!


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