[SPOILERS] Here's All The New Items in The AC:NH 1.10.0 Update (and how to get them!)

We're back with another datamine post, this time covering all the new items included in the Version 1.10.0 update. Out of every update we've received so far, this is smaller than most, but there are still a few unique items that have been added. As always, this post contains spoilers, you've been warned!

When we say there's not a whole lot of new items added, we really mean it. In fact, there's only 46 new items, and that includes color variations. Since there isn't a tonne of new items, we've simply added them all into one image.

Starting with the larger, left column, the Newspaper Helmet is available via Nook Shopping from April 28th - May 5th, as is the Carp Banner. The colored beanies are the Phrygian Hats, which are a Nook Shopping item for the Le 14 Juillet event (July 8th - July 20th), and the third row items are the Tsunokakushi, White Hakama, and White Shiromuku, which can be purchased at The Able Sisters to coincide with the Wedding Season event in the month of June.

Next up are the aprons, which are for a Father's Day event, which once again, are Nook Shopping items, all available during the month of June, with the colors rotating daily. Rover's Picture is from the May Day Event, though you'll only receive it if you participated in the event last year and earned his Suitcase.

Now onto the smaller, right column, first we have the Tsunokakushi again (oops), followed by the Carnations, which are a Nook Shopping Mother's Day item, available during May. Next is the Double Gloucester Cheese (Seasonal; May 22nd - May 31st), the Festival Zongzi (Seasonal; June 5th - June 14th), and the Ship Wheel Door Decoration (Seasonal; July 8th - July 22nd).

The next batch of floral hearts, and the three wedding-like bells, three cushions that follow, and the basket, are all Wedding Season items. These are the Nuptial Doorplate, Nuptial Bell, Nuptial Ring Pillow, and Flower-Petal Basket, all which can be ordered via Noko Shopping in June. The basket can be held and the player can press the A button to toss some flower petals.

Finally, the plaque and green food plate are the Art Plaque, and Surichiwi Tteok; the first being the new reward for the art section of the Museum Day event, and the second being a Seasonal item for Dano Festival, which is available the same time as the Festival Zongzi (June 5th - June 14th).

And that's everything that's been added in this update. Seasonal items from last year that were available during these months - Tanabata, Fathers/Mothers Day mugs, the Cowboy and Solstice events, etc - will also be available once again.

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