Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl, and Legends Arceus Receive Release Dates

With little to no notice, the Pokemon Company held a "Twitter Direct" of sorts, giving the release dates of the upcoming Pokemon titles Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, plus Pokemon Legends Arceus. A few other details were also announced in their tweets, with the full details below!

Firstly, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pear will be releasing on November 19th, and Pokemon Legends Arceus receiving a release date of January 28th, 2022, which I'm sure is much earlier than people expected. Box arts for all three titles were also revealed, alongside a dual pack for the Diamond and Pearl remakes.

Sadly, we didn't receive any additional details or gameplay with the announcements, but the games can now be preordered from a number of different retailers! However, with E3 just around the corner, it shouldn't be too long before we receive some more details on the games.

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