Zelda & Loftwing amiibo Set to Release Alongside The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

It was announced earlier in the year that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword  would be receiving a HD remaster on the Nintendo Switch in July. Since them details have been scarce to say the least. However, Nintendo have announced some more additional details, including a new amiibo figure!

The amiibo figure of of both Zelda and the Loftwing, retailing at $34.95AUD, releasing alongside the game on July 16th. If scanned into the game, the player will be able to fast travel by making a simple checkpoint. If the player is exploring the grounded areas, tapping the amiibo will allow them to head for the skies. Tapping the amiibo again whilst in the sky will bring you back to the checkpoint saved whilst grounded.

This is a small but effective QOL update, sure to make travelling across the land of Skyloft much easier, and is sure to make some of those dungeons a little less tedious. The main drawback to this, however, is it seems to be an amiibo locked feature, and Nintendo have stated that no other amiibo figures will work with the game.

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