K.K Slider Build-a-Bear Plush Announced, Releasing Tomorrow!

After the release of the Tom Nook and Isabelle plush, Build-a-Bear announced they'd be releasing another character in their Animal Crossing collection. Fans may have been hoping for some of their favorite villagers, but the company has now announced it will be K.K. Slider, who is releasing as soon as tomorrow!

The plush will be available starting tomorrow for those in the US, though it will be online only. Their previous release of Tom Nook and Isabelle used a queuing system which had it's issues, and whilst this release hasn't had any details announced, we'd assume it will be the same as the last. The plush hasn't been announced for any other regions, other than "coming soon" to the UK. If the original plush released in your region, it's most likely K.K. will rear his head over there soon.

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