Three New Concept Ideas for Animal Crossing!

We know you want Brewster to return, we know you want the Nooklings to upgrade their shop, but what about some other additional features that aren't as coveted? Whilst we wait for the next update to New Horizons to come out, we've created three brand new concepts for Animal Crossing: New Horizons that'd we'd love to see!

If you've been disappointed with the treatment of Bugs, then this one's for you! We already have Fishing Bait to attract fish, so why not something to help attract bugs? That's why we've come up with the concept of Nectar, a new DIY Recipe!

The idea for this one came from how Sweet Honey works in the Pokemon games, as well as how the Incense item works in Pokemon GO. The player would smother this Nectar outside to help attract bugs. The only problem we had with this is it's harder to seamlessly force a bug spawn than a fish spawn...

With Fishing Bait, you simply throw it into the water, and naturally, a fish shadow appears. With Nectar, do you just going to throw it in the air and then a bug magically appears? What about bugs that appear on trees, or on the ground like Scorpions, will they just appear out of thin air? This is where things got a little tricky, but we had an idea - the Beekeepers Hive!

This would give an additional use to the item, in which the player would lather the hive in Nectar. This would increase the spawn rate of bugs in the surrounding area. Instead of bugs miraculously appearing out of the blue, the player would simply have to check back intermittently for any new bugs that may appear. It's effects would be limited, possible only lasting around 10 minutes, before another bottle of Nectar would need to be used.

Next up is the indefinite return or Reese and Cyrus! We've wanted to see these two lovebirds properly return, not just during the month of June. With their new and improved shop, which we've called the Re-Cycle shop, you'll be granted a number of new furniture items, plus the ability to trade DIY Recipes!

We decided to draw a mock up for how the shop would look, with the original Re-Tail building in New Leaf starting as our base. Since we had the concept of recycling DIY Recipes, we decided to use recycling bins in the inspiration, adding the lids of recycling bins as the roof. The logo for the new store was pretty straight forward, sampling putting the DIY Recipe icon inside your standard recycling logo, and then we just added a few more finishing touches from our inspiration board.

The interior would remain pretty much the same, a standard shop setting where you could buy/sell items from Reese, as well as display your own for visitors to purchase, with Cyrus having his little customization corner in the right.

The new feature here is what we are calling the D-I-Cycle! This is a terminal that would be inside Re-Cycle (much like the Nook Stop Terminal in the Resident Services), and would allow players to recycle and trade DIY Recipes. Think of it like the GTS system in Pokemon; players can upload any spare DIY Recipes they have, and request what they'd like in return. This is sure to help players complete their collection. Another idea we had was a "recycling" system, where placing 5 DIY Recipes into the machine would recycle them and spit out a new one, but we feel the trading aspect of the first idea works better with the Animal Crossing universe. We did draw some concept art for this, too, but it didn't turn out so well so we haven't included it!

Finally, our last idea involves the coveted Nook Miles Tickets, and is sure to come in handy with players who are constantly island hopping. With this, we welcome the return of Phineas, who will bring a number of Treasure Maps upon his arrival!

These Treasure Maps can be purchased with Nook Miles Tickets and will help players out who are constantly island hopping, whether it be for Bells, resources, or even villagers. Phineas has done a lot of travelling since we last saw him, so much that he's been able to locate all the surrounding Islands!

If you give Phineas five Nook Miles Tickets, you'll be able to buy a Treasure Map off him, which will let you pick which Mystery Island you'll fly to next! Give this Map to Orville at the Dodo Airport, and presto! No more hours wasted looking for the right Island. If you're looking for a certain Villager, or want to earn some easy bells on a quick visit to Scorpion Island, Phineas has you covered.

There would have to be some limitations in place to stop these becoming too broken. Firstly, he'd be a random visitor, and each time he visits he'll only have a certain amount of maps with him, with no guarantee he'll have the specific Treasure Map you're looking for. Additionally, if you're after a certain Villager, he'll only have maps of that species, rather than the specific Villager. We feel these additions will balance the feature, and also promote the trading aspect of the game!

That's it for our three new ideas, we tried our best at making something that isn't outside the realms of possibility, plus tried our hand at making images and concept art of how these would look in game. Let us know what you think! As always, if you haven't already, be sure to follow us over on Twitter and TumblrFeel free to join our discord server too.


  1. My my you have given this considerable thought and the ideas are smashing! Printing multiple tickets and outfits, planting on beach and more slots for designs top my list.


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