Nintendo Switch OLED Model Announced, Releasing October 8th

Earlier today, Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch OLED Model, which is the latest revision in the Nintendo Switch family. The console offers a number of additional enhancements over the current Switch and Switch Lite models, and will be releasing later this year. Full details below!

The OLED Model has a few major selling points, such as a new vibrant 7" screen, an adjustable kick stand, enhanced audio, 64GB internal storage, plus the new OLED dock, which now features a LAN ethernet port, and much more. The system will launch in two colors, Neon Red/Blue and White. Nintendo's website goes over the full specifications of the revamped system.

If you're looking to upgrade, the system will set you back $539.95AUD/$349.99USD/£309.99. The OLED dock can also be purchased separately, and will work with the original Switch Model - and vice versa - if you're looking to add a LAN port to your Switch but don't want to upgrade.

The OLED Switch only has a few enhancements over the current Switch model, so it's entirely up to you as to whether or not you think it's worth the upgrade - even if that White model is very sleek. 

Nintendo Switch OLED will release on October 8th. As always, if you haven't already, be sure to follow us over on Twitter and TumblrFeel free to join our discord server too.


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