UNIQLO's AC:NH UT Collaboration Angers Some Animal Crossing Fans in The West

Back in April, it was announced UNIQLO would be releasing an Animal Crossing: New Horizons collection, with a Western release happening in the latter half of the year. Earlier this week, the collection was released and shared on Twitter, which left some Animal Crossing fans angry at Nintendo, and even UNIQLO, for neglecting to update the game, and instead focus on the UNIQLO collaboration... Obviously this isn't the case, and we have the full story below.

It was the end of June, and UNIQLO put out a rather innocent Tweet, promoting their upcoming AC:NH collection, that would be releasing the following day. Little did they know of the storm that would soon be coming towards them. Whilst we won't mention anyone specifically, as we don't want to further add fuel to the fire, fans accused Nintendo of taking away previous development resources that could have been spent on the game, and instead, having them create a clothing line for UNQILO... which is obviously not correct.

Simply put, Nintendo gave UNIQLO their licensing to create an Animal Crossing clothing line, and would have had very minimal developer input, if any. At most, we can see Nintendo possibly giving them a few design sketches, but the comments don't seem to see this point of view.

We can understand why some AC fans may be angsty about the lack of communication about updates, though a small cryptic Tweet by Isabelle could be teasing an update is imminent (likely towards the end of this month). Though normally we wouldn't respond to these types of comments publicly, we wanted to report it and spread awareness that even if you are unhappy with how a game is going, this is not the way to go about it.

If you want to check out the collection, you can do so here, or by heading over to your regions UNIQLO website. The collection is live in most major countries around the world (except Australia, which will likely be releasing in the Spring).

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