Animal Crossing X Puma Clothing Collaboration Announced, Coming Later This Year!

 We've seen Animal Crossing team up with a number of brands to promote the game, and the next big collab seems to be with clothing company Puma! Details have been scarce, though we've been promised to receive more information soon! We've compiled everything we know so far, as well as a first look! Full details below!

Right now, only two items have been revealed, a pair of sneakers, and a hoodie, which seem to be from an exclusive report by The sneakers follow the New Horizons color aesthetic, with a subtle white, blue and green design, with a hint of pale brown. The white has line art of your villager faces on it, with the shoe tongue having a grass pattern, as well as a branded leaf on the front, and an additional leaf and puma logo on the back. The inside of the sneakers have a nice leaf pattern, and the ACNH logo branded on the bottom.

The hoodie is shown off in a very nice soft blue, with the AC X Puma logo in the middle, surrounded by some line art of a few dozen villagers. Personally, we're a much bigger fan of the hoodie, as the softer colors of the sneakers look like they'd get dirty very easily! They're still a nice collectors item, none the less.

Additional details from the source article mention some more details about the collection. The sneakers come with a little bell bag case, which holds an alternate pair of teal-green laces, and also mentions there will be three variations of sneakers included in the collection. Additionally, the collection will release in both adult and kid sizes, with a Suede and Future Rider set to be revealed later.

What do you think about this upcoming collection? We'll bring more details as they come. As always, if you haven't already, be sure to follow us over on Twitter and TumblrFeel free to join our discord server too!

Update: The Animal Crossing X Puma Collection will be releasing on September 18th!


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