PDP Releasing an Assortment of Animal Crossing Themed Switch Accessories Later This Year

 When it comes to grabbing some Animal Crossing themed Switch accessories, PowerA has always been the main company to produce some officially licensed Nintendo accessories. However, a new company has joined the fray, with PDP set to release a number of Animal Crossing accessories for Nintendo Switch later this year! Full details below.

Retailers currently have listings for two cases and two controllers, both with a nice Animal Crossing theme, but we've also spotted something else that doesn't have any images available (more on that later). As for what's been revealed case wise, we have the Elite Case and Commuter Case. The Elite Case has an insert to hold either a Switch Lite, or standard Switch mode, plus a small pouch to hold some game cards, where the Commuter Case has room for pretty much everything you need when travelling with your Switch, minus the dock.

There is a Pull-N-Go Travel Case, which has room for your entire Switch line-up, including the dock, but any mentions of this one seem to have disappeared after briefly being listed on Amazon.

For the controllers, we have the Rock Candy Animal Crossing Controller, and the Faceoff Deluxe  + Audio Wired Controller. The Rock Candy controller has a transparent look to it, sporting Timmy and Tommy on the sides. The Deluxe controller goes for a much sleeker design with a blue-green gradient and Tom Nook smack in the middle. It also has an audio jack, which any plugged in headset can have the audio controlled via the d-pad, and some mappable back buttons.

The main draw to the Deluxe controller is the Faceoff design. PDP has a number of Faceoff controllers, where you can remove the faceplate on the controller and have it sport a different design of another character by buying one of their mod kits - if another design is released that you love, you just have to buy the faceplate instead of another controller entirely (honestly, we wish more companies did this). With this listing, we managed to find two possibilities of what these Animal Crossing mod kits might be.

Australian retailer Sanity lists two mod kits, one being "Animal Crossing Timmy and Tommy" and the other being "Animal Crossing Beach", so it seems likely these will be the two mod kit faceplates to start off. They don't have any images attached, and have a placeholder release for December 31st, 2021, so we'll have to wait a little longer to get some more details on these ones!

As for the release dates, they seem to be all over the place depending on which country you're in, but it seems anywhere between the September - December period is most likely - and they should be available on your local amazon, and most likely select retailers! 

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