Animal Crossing - amiibo Cards Series 5 Speculation

Though the latest Nintendo Direct only told us we'd be getting an update to New Horizons, the Animal Crossing Twitter accounts dropped that they'd be releasing a brand new Series 5 of the amiibo cards! We've decided to go over when we expect the cards to release, and which characters will make it into the series, including some brand new ones! Check it out below!

With all the AC amiibo cards released so far, we have S1 - S4, all with 100 cards each, the Welcome amiibo series with 50 cards, and the Sanrio pack with 6 cards. Series 1-3 had 17 Special Characters, and 83 Villagers, where Series 4 had 16 Special Characters and 84 Villagers, and the Welcome amiibo series had a total of 50 Villagers, and no Special Characters.

With this information laid out, we'd speculate Series 5 will have either 50 or 100 cards. However, the Welcome amiibo series is separate from the first four , and this one seems to be a continuation from Series 5 since it's been named Series 5, so we'd say this series will have 100 to keep things uniform!

With that out of the way... who will these 100 characters be? To start things off, we'll list the Special Characters we expect to see getting amiibo cards. Most likely, the newly introduced characters of Flick, C.J. Daisy Mae, Orville, and Wilbur should all be receiving an amiibo card, and we see no reason why Wisp, Harvey and Gullivarrr shouldn't receive one, too. It's also logical to assume Isabelle, Tom Nook, Timmy and Tommy will all receive cards with their new outfits - as most of them did with the first four series - bringing our count for Special Characters up to 12.

As for the other five, we have reason to believe the OK Motors trio of Giovanni, Beppe and Carlo were planned to be included in the Welcome amiibo update for New Leaf, before Pocket Camp was delayed, so it's not too obscure to expect them to show up here, too. As for the last two, considering New Horizons is getting it's own dedicated Direct, we'd say we're most likely to be introduced to a new character or two, which would bring the total count of Special Characters up to 17!

Now here's where things get tricky... trying to fill in 83 Villagers. New Horizons gave us 8 new Villagers already; Audie, Reneigh, Dom, Sherb, Judy, Megan, Raymond, and Cyd, and if these guys weren't included, then we'd be very surprised. The 8 crossover Villagers from the Welcome amiibo update, Epona, W. Link, Ganon, Medli, Inkwell, Cece, Viche, and Felyne all make sense to return, too. Holden and Filly are also possible, but we aren't as confident in their return as we are with the previous 16, but we did get the Sanrio Villagers added back into New Horizons, so anything's possible here! Check out these quick mock up amiibo cards of a few characters we made!

What we would really love to see is some brand new crossover Villagers. These might not get an amiibo card in Series 5, but do remember the Welcome amiibo update came with 50 brand new amiibo cards for Villagers, plus a few select Villagers from amiibo figures. We've already seen the series previously make promotional Villagers with Sanrio, 7-11, and Fueki; given the Japanese influence and popularity of both Breath of the Wild and Monster Hunter Rise, could we maybe see some new Villagers based off these games? Heck, we've even seen them collaborate with clothing brands like UNIQLO and Puma! Granted, if this were to happen, we expect the Villagers not to be included in the S5 set and instead be locked behind already existing amiibo figurines.

As for the other 63/65 Villagers, reddit user HorseradishMinister has shared an image with all Villagers that never returned once the series made it's debut on the Nintendo DS, of which there are 73. We could see some of these Villagers cut (such as Champ due to the Porter debacle) and not make the return, and whilst some of these Villagers have some fans eagerly awaiting their return, we think it'd be more exciting if these new cards ended up being brand new Villagers!

We're not saying that all 73 of these lost Villagers shouldn't return, but a small group of them, paired with some newcomers would be a very welcome addition! These newbies could just be your regular Villagers, or they could even be some more crossover ones from other amiibo figures! We could also see a brand new Villager species, such as Bats and Moths, which have been very popular in the fandom lately.

Whilst we can't say for sure who will be in the series, we do expect the new characters introduced in New Horizons to receive one, and that olive branch should be extended onto the Welcome amiibo Villagers, too. As for the rest, we've tried to fill in the blanks, but feel free to let us know your ideas! For a release date, the most logical date would be to coincide with the updates that's due out in November.

As for when we will find out what's to be included in Series 5, we're sure we'll get our first during the Direct in October, and likely see a release in November alongside the update. Keep your eyes peeled, as we've got a speculation post on what to expect during the Direct coming out soon! As always, if you haven't already, be sure to follow us over on Twitter and TumblrFeel free to join our discord server too!


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