Everything Announced in The Animal Crossing: New Horizons October 15th Direct

The highly anticipated New Horizons Direct has just aired, and we've detailed the new information under the cut! We'll have more in-depth articles going up later today!

- The update will drop November 5th
- Roost has amiibo functionality, you can invite characters for coffee
- Kapp'n is back, and will take you to new islands. These islands will house new areas, and can be in various new seasons, and have new wildlife
- Harv's Island gets an upgrade, adding a new merch area. Characters like Leif, Kicks, and Saharah can set up shop here once funding has been met
- Reese and Cyrus can remodel furniture
- Ordinances are back
- More house exteriors available and storage expansion, allowing up to 5,000 items
- New Nook Mile items are available
- Cooking DIYs added, Tomatoes, Wheat, Sugar Cane, Potatoes, Carrots, and more are new crops
- Items made from cooking can be consumed and fill the gauge up
- Pre Decorating License allows you to add items on the ceiling
-  Accent walls available, to put an decal on one wall
- Bridges and Inclines are now 10 each
- 9 fence types added, some can be customised
- Pro Camera App added, allows more camera options
- Pattern+ patterns can be worn and used as wallpapers and flooring
- 11 new hairstyles, to be learned by Harriet
- 11 new Reactions, waving good bye, stretching, and bouncing added
- New Nook Phone app, Island Life 101, gives you hot tips, helpful for newcomers
- More items from Nook Miles
- Storage Shed can be placed on your Island, connects to your home storage
- ABD to get bells
- New KK Songs, 12 new hits, such as K.K. Break and K.K. Polka
- Gyroids are back, found as Gyroid Fragments, need to be buried and watered to create a full Gyroid. 
- New items at Nook's Cranny
- Wooden Ladder Set-Up Kit lets you permanently place ladders on your Island, purchasable from Nook's Cranny
- Players can now navigate tight spaces in houses
- Residents can invite you over, or you can visit them
- New Villagers
- This is the last major free content update
- You can work at Dodo Airlines
- Paid DLC, Happy Home Paradise
- Happy Home Paradise is essentially Happy Home Designer added to New Horizons
- The Paradise Archipelago runs on Poki currency, allowing you to buy new items
- More furniture added with new requests

You can watch the full direct below. We will have proper posts regarding the first half of the Direct, and the Happy Home Paradise paid DLC expansion later today.

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