New Animal Crossing Villager Personalities Revealed!


The Animal Crossing Direct revealed us 16 new Villagers that would be coming to New Horizons, though details on their personalities were yet to be seen. Out of these new villagers, 8 have just been added to the mobile app Pocket Camp, and we now know their personalities! If you want to know what personality these characters, like Shino and Sasha may have, we've got the details below!

Out of the 8 Villagers added to Pocket Camp, we now know that Sasha is Lazy, Ione is Normal, Marlo is Cranky, Petri is Snooty, Quinn is Sisterly, Shino is Peppy, Tiansheng is Jock, and Cephalobot is Smug.

There are another 8 villagers that will be returning from the N64 and GC days, though their personalities aren't yet known. Animal Crossing YouTuber ChuyPlays actually put together a theory regarding their personalities, and got the 8 new ones right, so we believe the next 8 will also be correct.

From this, we believe that Chadwick is Lazy, Zoey is Normal, Ace is Jock, Rio is Peppy, Frett is Cranky, Roswell is Smug and Faith is Sisterly. Again, these last 8 are still speculation, though we think this will be highly likely!

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