Animal Crossing: New Horizons - How to Unlock The Roost

With the release of Version 2.0, the highly anticipated Brewster, and his Cafe, The Roost, have been added into New Horizons. Like most things, The Roost won't be available form the start and will need to be unlocked. Our guide goes over how to access The Roost!

In order to unlock The Roost, you'll first need to have upgraded The Museum to have the Art Exhibit. From here, if you visit Blathers, he'll reminisce about his old friend Brewster, and wish to invite him to The Museum to open up his famous cafe.

You'll then need to seek out Kapp'n and go on one of his Island Tours for 1,000 miles, where you'll find Brewster. If you speak to Brewster, you can ask him about his Cafe, and he'll then contact Blathers. is love for Gyroids will also give you a Gyroid fragment. Do note you can only go on one Kapp'n tour a day, so you should go after you've spoken to Blathers.

When you go back to your Island, speaking to Blathers will inform you that Brewster has made contact with him, and has agreed to open his cafe. The following day The Museum will undergo construction, and The Roost will open up the day after.

In The Roost, you can order coffee from Brewster for 200 Bells, and the more you visit him and order coffee each day, the more he will open up about him self. After three days of purchasing coffee, you'll then be able to purchase to go coffee.

Your residents can also visit The Roost, and you can use the amiibo Call Center to invite characters via their amiibo cards. All characters that have an amiibo card can be invited to The Roost, even if they weren't previously available in the game (such as Pelly, Chip, and Joan). Some characters will also bring guests along with them!


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