Harvey's Campground - Unlock Guide

As of the Version 2.0 update, Harv's Island now acts as a sort of market for various travellers to set up their shops and sell various goods. A number of shops and facilities can be unlocked, which we will go over in this guide.

In order to unlock the campground market, you'll first need to unlock Harv's Island, and undergo the tutorial inside the building, and the following day you'll receive a letter from Harv. From here, he'll introduce you to Harriet, who will give you the first feature - new hairstyles - which will be available on the second day. She has a number of hairstyles unique to her, but you can't chose them. Each day, she'll give you a randomly selected hairstyle out of her new cuts, which you can decide to keep or not. If you don't like it, she'll revert you back to your old hairstyle, and you'll then have this new style unlocked in the customization options.

The next set of shops each require 100,000 bells to fund, and you can only complete one per day. You can unlock facilities from Katrina, Saharah, Tortimer, Reese and Cyrus, Leif, Redd, and Kicks. Once the donation goal has been paid off, you'll gain access to the service the following day.

Katrina will offer a luck-based service, where she will either tell your fortune, or cast a charm on your friendship with a Villager, increasing your friendship points with them. Her mechanics can actually help out gameplay a substantial amount, such as helping you visit covet Islands via Nook Miles Tickets, or even prevent your tools from breaking! We've got an extensive guide on how Katrina works here.

Saharah will set up a shop and continue to sell the player wall papers, flooring, and rugs. You won't be able to exchange tickets, but you can physically see her inventory, which she sells 2 walls, 2 floors, and 4 rugs. Her stock rotates weekly, starting on Monday.

Tortimer offers much more of a convince style service, allowing the player to easily access their storage whilst visiting the campground. If you have a tonne of items you want to customize, or have your pockets full of new items you've bought, you can easily unload at Tortimer. During the Fall months, there is also a chance for Cornimer to appear, and give the player some Acorns.

Reese and Cyrus are back, once again, offering an item customziation service to the player. Any item in the game can be given to them and customized for Bells. The remake will be done right away, and there is no limit on how many items can be customized per day.

Leif will sell garden needs, including vegetable and flower seeds, and bush starts. He'll also continue to buy your weeds at a premium price, and additionally offer a weeding service if your Island has become overrun with weeds - for a fee, of course! He'll only offer this service is there your Island has an abundance of weeds.

Redd is probably one of the more welcomed additions to Harvey's campground, making it much easier to complete that artwork exhibit at The Museum! Much like his treasure trawler, you can only buy one piece of art, and he'll sell two random pieces of art each week, and rotates his stock on Monday. However, if you buy a piece of art (whether it be real or fake), he'll have a new piece on display the following day, effectively allowing the player to cycle through artworks each day, though it may become costly!

On top of selling art, Redd also offers a raffle, with a number of prizes. A ticket costs 500 bells, with every ticket being a winner, and no limit on how many you can purchase. Each prize is affiliated with a ticket number, which we've listed below.

1. Peachy-Pink Folding Fan
2. Sky-Blue Folding Fan
3. Grass-Green Folding Fan
4. Bitter-Orange Folding Fan
5. Vanilla Cone
6. Chocolate Cone
7. Strawberry Cone
8. Ramune Soda Lemon Cone
9. Melon-Cheesecake Cone
10. Orange Mint Cone
11, Vanilla Soft Serve
12. Chocolate Soft Serve
13. Matcha-Vanilla Soft Serve
14. Berry-Vanilla Soft Serve
15. Rainbow Soft Serve
16. Canned Orange Juice
17. Canned Grape Juice
18. Canned Apple Juice
19. Canned Green Tea
20. Canned Tea
21. Canned Coffee
22. Canned Sports Drink
23. Canned Soda
24. Chocolate Donut
25. Matcha Donut
26. Strawberry Donut
27. White Chocolate Donut
28. Pocketbook
29. Pocket Magazine
30. Colourful Light Stick

Finally, we get to Kicks, who sells more shoes, socks, and backpacks. New items have been added to his inventory, and like the other characters, rotates every Monday.

There is another service, though only for a limited time, being Harriet's hair saloon. Harriet's saloon will unlock the day after you've donated enough Bells to have a camper set up their shop. Harriet offers 7 new hairstyles which can't be obtained anywhere else, and are given out randomly, one per day. Once she's given you the hair style, you can freely choose between it at any mirror or vanity. Once you've learned all 7 hairstyles, she will close her shop and roam around the Island with Harvey.

It's worth noting that the travelling Characters - Redd, Leif, Kicks, and Saharah - can still visit the players Island and offer their regular services. If they are visiting your Island that day, their services will not be available at the Campground. An ABD has also been added down to the right of the photo studio in case you're after a few more Bells!

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