[RUMOR] Animal Crossing Themed LEGO Releasing in March 2024

Since its release in March 2020, Animal Crossing has collaborated with a number of brands and companies, and it seems like LEGO is the next one in line! 

Over on /r/Legoleak, a new rumor has popped up, claiming one of the unannounced LEGO set themes releasing next year will be based on Animal Crossing. Currently reddit is experiencing issues so it's hard to properly view the post, but we will provide further updates when we can.

So far, we only have access to the rumored set numbers, piece count, and price ($USD):
77046 (170 pieces) - $14.99
77047 (164 pieces) - $19.99
77048 (233 pieces) - $29.99
77048 ( 389 pieces) $39.99
77050 (535 pieces) $74.99

Whether these sets will be connected to the LEGO Dots, BrickHeadz, the standard theme, or a new style, similar to the Mario LEGO, remains to be seen. We will provide updates as they come.

Whilst we haven't personally heard anything about this ourselves, we have been a part of the LEGO leaks community for a long time, and most of the time these rumors hold some value. Only time will tell!

Update #1: Rumors claim the characters will have moulded heads, similar to the figures in the previous Fabuland set

Update #2: An additional LEGO insider, Brick Clicker, has corroborated these claims

Update #3: According to new reports, there will also be two Animal Crossing BrickHeadz releasing in March 2024 - 40666 and 40667

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