[CONFIRMED] Animal Crossing LEGO Set Details Leaked

Back in August we reported on possible Animal Crossing LEGO sets being in the works, and they were officially teased earlier this week. Now, we have the first details on what will actually be included in the sets. Full details are below!

Reddit users have shared some details, posted by Maux Baut that contain details of each set. Previously we reported on the set numbers, pieces, and price (USD), and now we have more details to go alongside them.

77046 - Julian's Birthday Party (170 pieces, $14.99 USD)
77047 - Bunnies Outdoor Activities (164 pieces, $14.99 USD)
77048 - Kapp'n's Island Boat Tour (233 pieces, $29.99 USD)
77049 - Isabelle's House Visit (389 pieces, $39.99 USD)
77050 - Nook's Cranny & Rosie's House (535 pieces, $74.99 USD)

Currently, Marhsal and Fauna don't have sets assigned to them, so they may come included in other sets. Additionally, each set will come with a base plate so you'll be able to build a modular village/island (similar to the Harry Potter LEGO sets).

So there you have it, the first official details of what the sets will include. Keep in mind, there are still some sets in the initial report that aren't mentioned here - 40666 and 40667 - which are BrickHeadz. We'll provide more details as they come.

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Update: The rumour has now been confirmed with LEGO officially revealing the sets! 

Please note due to mobile restrictions we are having difficulties adding the images to the site. You can view in depth images at each individual set on our tumblr here

  • Julian’s Birthday Party, where builders can celebrate with Julian, share cupcakes, and open presents.
  • Bunnie’s Outdoor Activities allows enthusiasts of the great outdoors to roleplay setting up a tent, roasting marshmallows or using the vaulting pole to jump across the water, and grab the shovel or other recognizable tools from the video game series.
  • Kapp’n’s Island Boat Tour gives fans the opportunity to board the boat and explore another island with Kapp’n and Marshal, go on an adventure to search for coconuts and bamboo, discover wildlife, hermit crabs, and fish or simply hang out and enjoy the fire.
  • Isabelle’s House Visit allows builders to get creative and help Isabelle and Fauna customize Fauna's house and enjoy activities like opening the balloon present, crafting tools, or picking fruits and flowers.
  • Nook’s Cranny & Rosie’s House gives builders two locations where they can roleplay stocking up Nook's Cranny shop or go to Rosie’s house for freshly baked cookies.


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