Review - LEGO Animal Crossing: Bunnie's Outdoor Activities (77047)

LEGO Animal Crossing: Bunnie's Outdoor Activities (77047) offers a delightful blend of the popular Animal Crossing video game and the iconic LEGO building experience. With meticulous attention to detail, this set captures the essence of the beloved game, and you can view our thoughts below!

The set features Bunnie, one of the beloved characters from Animal Crossing, along with various set pieces and accessories that mimic the franchise. These elements really feels like Animal Crossing has been remade into LEGO form, and the playability included provide ample opportunities for creative storytelling.

You can make your LEGO figures sleep in the tent, vault pole across the river, dig up fossils, smash roccks for bells, shake fruit from trees, catch bugs with your net, and so much more.

One of the notable aspects of this LEGO set is its attention to detail. From the design of Bunnie to the inclusion of familiar game elements, every aspect reflects the charm and whimsy of the Animal Crossing universe.

While the set may seem small compared to other LEGO sets, it more than makes up for it with its faithful replication of the core gameplay of Animal Crossing. Whether displayed on a shelf or integrated into a larger LEGO collection, Bunnie's Outdoor Activities is sure to spark joy for fans of all ages, especially if you're a fan of Animal Crossing.

Akin to the Animal Crossing games, customization is also a huge part of the Animal Crossing LEGO sets. Each "block" can be freely moved and attached to different parts, creating various approached a to how you can display the set, as well as attach it to other Animal Crossing LEGO sets, to create your own fully customized island!

The instruction manual comes with a few ideas of how else you can display the set, the options really are limitless!

Overall, LEGO Animal Crossing Bunnie's Outdoor Activities (77047) is a small, affordable, and charming set that faithfully combines the appeal of Animal Crossing with the creativity of LEGO building. It's a must-have for fans of the franchise and collectors alike, and a perfect starting point for anyone looking to pick up any of the Animal Crossing LEGO sets!

Stay tuned for more upcoming reviews! Special thanks to LEGO Australia for providing us with this set for review. As always, if you haven't already, be sure to follow us over on Twitter and Tumblr.


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