Endless Ocean Luminous (Nintendo Switch) - Review

Endless Ocean Luminous invites players to embark on a serene underwater journey on the Nintendo Switch. A game filled with deep sea exploration, and creature collecting, this sand box style game has the potential to captivate fans of Animal Crossing who enjoy the relaxation and freedom of immersive, open-ended experiences. 

Just as Animal Crossing allows players to escape to a tranquil island life, Endless Ocean Luminous offers a serene underwater sanctuary where players can unwind, interact with marine life, and even customise their character. Whilst the customisation options are limited, there are still a tonne of colours, stickers, and poses, that you can use to customise your character to your liking.

As you explore the depths of the Veiled Sea, you'll come across stunning underwater landscapes and a diverse array of marine life (some that you may recognise from Animal Crossing), offering a visually captivating experience. With over 500 creatures to see, there's sure to be something you've yet to discover with each adventure. The thrill of scanning and discovering new creatures does not get old.

Endless Ocean Luminous runs smoothly on the Nintendo Switch, whether played handheld or docked, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable gameplay experience. Regardless of your chosen play style, this game won't lose its immersive ambience.

While the exploration aspect is enjoyable, a common complaint we've seen from others, is that the gameplay gets repetitive over time. Personally, this wasn't an issue that we experienced, and it seems this is something that's based on personal preference. There's always somewhere to explore, and something to discover, that playing this game in short bursts shouldn't leave you feeling bored.

Shared Dives are an area of the game we've yet to explore, but it allows up to 30 to swim and explore together online. If online play is your thing, or you've got a large group of friends, this is sure to be an enjoyable feature for you.

The game's ambient sound design and laid-back vibes create a soothing atmosphere, allowing players to unwind and immerse themselves in the calming embrace of the ocean. A casual game with low stakes that still manages to be relaxing and enjoyable is always a win,

Whilst this certainly isn't a super long, in depth game, Endless Ocean Luminous manages to offer a tranquil escape into the depths of the ocean, perfect for players seeking a serene and visually stunning, and relaxing experience on the Nintendo Switch, and especially those who are interested in marine life!

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