Hey! Listen! LEGO Announces The Legend of Zelda: Great Deku Tree 2-in-1 (77092)

Rumors have been swirling about a Zelda and LEGO collab, and details have finally been confirmed. After the success of the Mario and newly released Animal Crossing LEGO, it was a no brainier to come out with another LEGO version of one of Nintendo's most popular IP's! Full details below.

The set, titled Great Deku Tree 2-in-1 (77092), will release on September 1st, 2024, and contain 2,500 pieces. As referenced in the name, this set contains a 2-in-1 build, and can be displayed as either the Ocarina of Time variant of the Great Deku Tree, or it's most recent appearance in Breath of the Wild.

The set comes with four Minifigures, Young Link and Adult Link from Ocarina of Time, and Zelda and Link from Breath of the Wild. It also comes with some more brick built figures, including the Skulltulla and the Deku Tree Sprout from Ocarina of Time, and Hetsu and some Korok's from Breath of the Wild.

Unfortunately, the price of the set is rather heavy, setting buyers back £259.99 / $389.99 CAD / $299.99 USD / $449.99 AUD / €299.99. We'll bring more details as they come!

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