DIY Crafts

A new feature to Animal Crossing: New Horizons is DIY Crafts! Crafting allows you to create useful tools and items to use and decorate your Island with! There are a number of DIY Recipes to collect, which can be bought, gifted, and earned through various means! You will need Materials to create items, if you need help finding a certain material, check out our Materials Guide!

Starting off, you'll receive a DIY Recipe for the DIY Bench in a letter from Nintendo. This will let you create a workbench that you can place, allowing you to make items without going to Resident Services. This will require 5 Hardwood and 1 Iron Nugget.

Speaking to Villagers will also gift you recopies. For example, after getting stung by Wasps, speaking to one of your Residents will give you the DIY recipe for Medicine, which can be created with one Wast Nest and 3 Weeds.

Naturally, you'll want to start gathering Materials, and it's best to start off with Tree Branches to craft a Flimsy Fishing Rod, which require a total of 5 Branches. Once you've created this, you can go out and fish! Make sure you gift your first catch to Tom Nook, he'll send this off to a friend, and give you the DIY Recipe for the Flimsy Net (which also required 5 Tree Branches), to aid you with future catches.

If you donate more critters to Nook, he'll give you an additional DIY recipe. Your second donation will give you the recipe for a Flimsy Axe, and fourth will give you the recipe for a Flimsy Watering Can.

Once you've given Nook 5 critters, he'll receive a call from Blathers who wishes to come to The Island after hearing about the abundance of unique creatures. For more information on The Museum, check our our corresponding guide.

Below are a list of DIY Recipes, and how to obtain them, that will be useful when starting an initial play-through. 

Flimsy Fishing Rod - 5 Tree Branches (gifted by Tom Nook)
Flimsy Net - 5 Tree Branches (give Nook a critter)
Flimsy Axe - 5 Tree Branches, 1 Stone (give Nook 2 critters, or buy from Timmy for 280 bells)
Flimsy Watering Can - 5 Softwood (give Nook 4 critters, 
or buy from Timmy for 280 bells)
Slingshot - 5 Hardwood (buy from Timmy for 300 bells)

After you've joined the NookMiles+ program, you can spend 3,000 NookPiles to purchase the "Pretty Good Tools DIY Recipe" which allows you to craft the more durable, standard tools. You can make the Axe, Shovel, Fishing Rod, Net, and Watering Can. To craft each one, you will need their Flimsy variant + 1 Iron Nugget.


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