Character Customization

Like any Animal Crossing game, one of the call out features is customizing your Character, and this time around it'll be easier than ever! At the start of the game, instead of answering the usual series of questions, you'll instead be able to design your character from scratch. Skin tone, eye/hair color, mouth/nose shape, and other facial features can be freely chosen from a number of options.

When you boot your game up for the first time, you'll be greeted by the Nookling's at the Nook Inc. Service Counter. From here, they'll ask you for your name and birthday, and take a photo of you for your passport. This will let you design your character from a variety of options. No styles are gender locked, and can be freely chosen regardless of gender selection.

At the start, you'll have very basic options, but as you progress through the game, you'll unlock more options. When you first craft a Mirror or Vanity item, you'll unlock a few additional styles. You'll also get the option to customize your Character with face paint, which will put your MyDesign patterns onto your Characters face.

There are also three upgrades that can be purchased at the Nook Terminal - Top 8 Pop Hairstyles (2,400 points), Top 8 Cool Hairstyles (2,400 points), Top 8 Stylish Hair Colors (3,000 points) - which will allow you to unlock further options when customizing your Character! What's included in each pack can be seen below:

Top 8 Pop Hairstyles

Top 8 Cool Hairstyles

Top 8 Stylish Hair Colors 


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