The Nook Mileage Program

Nook Miles are a new type of currency in New Horizons and work similar to MEOW Coupons in New Leaf's Welcome amiibo update. Players looking for more concrete goals can take advantage of the Nook Mileage program. Fulfilling certain challenges and experiences will earn miles to spend that can enrich your time on the island.

Nook Miles can be earned via catching Fish/Bugs, talking to Residents, crafting DIY tools, and many other Island activities. The amount of Nook Miles you earn per task is dependant on how many Stamps you've received. As you earn Stamps, the tasks will become more challenging, but the rewards will increase.

Nook Miles are an additional currency that can be used on The Island. Nook Miles can be redeemed to help pay off your Getaway Package, redeemed at the Nook Stop Terminal for unique items, hair styles, updating NookPhone apps, and more! They can even be spent on Nook Miles Tickets that can be on Mystery Tours. Certain Island activities will cost Nook Miles, such as the Rescue Service.

NookMiles+ is an upgraded service that becomes available after you've paid off your vacation package (5,000 Nook Miles), and built your house. NookMiles+ gives you daily tasks, that will give you twice as many points for the first five tasks you receive each day. Thereafter you'll simply received the amount of points listed. NookMiles works as a list of goals to complete, whereas NookMiles+ is a list of daily tasks.

If you want to check out the Nook Miles you can earn, read our post here.


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