The Museum

When you first arrive on your Island, The Museum will be absent. If you bring 5 Unique Critters to Tom Nook, he will phone Blathers and invite him to the Island. From here, you can place Blathers' Tent, which will let Blathers move in the following day. You will not be able to donate anymore Critters until the following day.

Once Blathers has arrived, he'll mention he requires an additional 15 Unique Critters before The Museum can be built. Bringing , it will take two days to be built. Again, you will not be allowed to donate anymore Critters until The Museum has been completed.

Once The Museum has successfully been constructed, you can donate all your excess catches to Blathers, and once you've donated a Fossil, you'll be able to mass donate.

There are presently 3 Exhibits, the Fish, Bug, and Fossil Exhibits. There are 80 different Fish and Bugs to donate, as well as 67 different Fossil Pieces. You can also fully explore The Museum to check out what you've donated. You can also ask Blathers about further information on your donated specimens.

If you need help locating each Bug and Fish, you can check out our respective guides.


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