Tools & The Basics

As with any Animal Crossing title, there are a number of tools and items that come in useful when starting your game. We've compiled a list of all available tools, as well as useful information for those who want to get the most out of island life!

The first batch of tools you'll be able to craft are known as Flimsy Tools. The Flimsy Tools are a weaker variation of the standard tools, and will break after multiple uses. It seems that the Flimsy Tools will break after 10 successful uses

Additionally, two new tools, the Vaulting Pole and Ladder, can also be crafted. The Vaulting Pole will allow players to cross rivers without the use of bridges, the the Ladder will enable you to access the higher levels of The Island without the use of ramps.

Some Tools will be locked behind. You will need to give Tom Nook 5 critters to unlock the Museum Tent. Doing so will bring Blathers to your Island, and he will give you the DIY recipes for the Flimsy Shovel/Axe, and Vaulting Pole. On your third day, providing you've gone on Mystery Tours to invite Villagers to your Island, Tom Nook will ask you to build House Plots, and once you've placed the second plot, he'll give you the DIY recipe for the Ladder.

Your first day of Island Life might be a little dull with not much unlocked, but there are many activities you can do to help you progress further. Pulling weeds, harvesting materials from trees/rocks, pay off your vacation package, and catching fish/bugs are just a number of things you can do on your first day to help pass the time.


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