Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 1: Welcome to Skyfall

Finally managed to put New Leaf down so I could write up my first blog post...

After about 30 minutes of finding and selecting a nice town map, which had cherries as it's native fruit, I finally chose on a map that suited my likes (I was lucky, the first map I chose had cherries, but I soon resetted afterwards as it had a 'private' beach which could only be accessed via swimming, so I reset and chose another map which had both beaches accessible, and it too had cherries as it's fruit. Bless)
I got cherries as my town fruit. Great!

I hopped out of the station and was greeted by three of my villagers and Isabelle. I didn't really like the look of any of these three villagers, but Gala (the pig) started to grow on me once I realised she kinda looked like Munna from Pokemon. I hoped my other two were better...

Isabelle had me visit Tom Nook to chose a place for my house, and I knew exactly where I wanted to put it, as there was a perfect pocket for my house;

Skyfall's town map

I would have liked to have placed it a little further south, but there was a tree in the way, which is exactly where I wanted to put it. Oh well, I'm pretty happy with it's placing.
The cheery tree is where I wanted to place my house

After I had placed my house, I went back to Isabelle, who told me it was time to officially welcome me as mayor, and told me to head over to the town centre, so that's where I headed. Isabelle had me plant the town tree, which would grow along with the town, and Skyfall was officially born!

As soon as I had finished the initiation ceremony, I got a notification to tell me the Bug-Off was going on.

But before I started the Bug-Off I wanted to check what was in Main Street, and grab a few bells before I set foot across the tracks. I shook a few trees to get some bells, until a beehive fell out, luckily I managed to flee into Re-Tail and escape the bee stings. However a few trees later I came across another beehive and couldn't get away in time... Darn.
I went back to collect the beehives which I sold to Re-Tail for 500 bells each, just enough to buy both tools in stock at Nookling Junction.

I headed across the track to see that the Nooklings had a shovel and net in stock. I bought the shovel in the shop - I was tempted to buy a net as well, but for some reason, I've always wanted to buy either a net or a fishing rod off Nat or Chip, so I waited until I got back to town to buy a net ,LOL. Instead, I spent 2 play coins on a fortune cookie.

It was a dud, and Tommy gave me a minimalist ottoman

After leaving Nooking Junction I headed over to the Post Office to pick up the Rainbow Screen DLC.

My humble tent, along with the Rainbow Screen, the Ottoman Tommy
gave me, and a case of drawers I bought for a mere 500 bells at Re-Tail.

I then turned the game off for a few minutes whilst I went to go hang the washing out (plus I wanted to get rid of my bee-stung face after Greta said I looked like a zombie... RUDE), and when I turned the game on again, I was greeted my Pete. I was excited, I thought there was another DLC being given out that I didn't know of. Alas, it was just Pete telling me about the mailbox...

I started doing a few more homey jobs around town, to try get Skyfall feel more like home. I started off by going back to the fruit tree with the perfect cherry, which I shook off and planted near Re-Tail, hopefully it'll grow!

I then gathered a few shells along the beach to gain some extra bells (I also found three giant clams on my beach... aren't they meant to be rare?), and I found the money rock, which gave me a good 10,000 bells which I gave to Nook as down payment on my tent - I should have a house tomorrow!

With my left over cash I decided to hit up Main Street once again and try make my outfit a little more appealing. The Able Sisters didn't have many great items in stock, but I managed to chose a pair of glasses, and a nice training jacket.

My new outfit

Asides from moving into town, nothing interesting happened. I did however win the Bug-Off, which I was rewarded with a nice gold trophy (which I won with a 111 point Raja Royal Brooke Butterfly, knocking out Rodeo's 89 pointer Agrias Butterfly), and a small butterfly table which Nat gave me for beating my own record.

My tent is beginning to look better

That's about all for today. It's taken me about an hour to write up this blog post, but that's only because I took a whopping 239 photos today alone! Hopefully I can control my self in the coming days so my posts are a little easier, and hopefully they'll be a little more intersting. I'm gonna spend the night hunting for a Tarantla, I want to catch the pesky fellow early on in the game. I've had no luck so far. I'll let you know tomorrow if I am successful. And now I shall sign off for tonight, and leave you with a few more pics below.

I went to my friend Heidi's town who gave me some of the Japanese 
Setsubun Beans! Thank you~~

The villagers actually attempt to catch bugs during the Bug-Off. Rodeo
got upset because the praying mantis he tried to catch flew away.

Somehow I don't think you're going to be able to catch that, Gala...

The stupid cherry tree right out the front of my house.. I can't wait until 
I get an axe!!

I told him he looked stupid and he pretty much said 'yolo'  and stayed in
 his current 'underwear' clothes and palmed his old ones off to me. His 
jacket was pretty neat though!

I like how the pun for the Sea Bass changes when you catch your
 second one

Greta shook a tree then got cold when nothing fell out...

If you're interested in seeing all the photos I took today, you can do so in my Photobucket album, just click here. Hopefully you enjoyed my first blog post as much as I enjoyed writing it, and I'll see you tomorrow.


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    1. Want to be friends on City Folk?

  2. Great to see another Australian playing Animal Crossing!

  3. I got first place for the bug off too. I'm saving a birdwing butterfly for next time (evil laugh)

  4. I won my bug off with a birdwing c: 96 points
    I had peaches at first but now i have all fruits because i went out and collected about 5 of each type

  5. I've recently discovered your page, and I think it's amazing. I decided to go back and see from the beginning, basically everything. :]
    Alas, I have one question.
    On the island, when you've placed your items in the basket sort of thing, how do you get them back? I've waited, but still can't seem to get them.

  6. Hey,I play City Folk too,I have never met anyone on New Leaf that
    has it too.

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