Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 10

Wow. I can't believe we're in double digits already...

Last Nights Caper
I didn't play after last nights post.

Day 10
I immediately rushed to the Town Hall because I could sense that the Dream Suite was going to be requested. I was right.

Sleeping on the job...

She was quick to recollect herself, though.


I filled my pockets up with bells and went to pay for it right away... LOL.

Redd was also in town again today. I'd already gotten two real paintings, I hope he'd have a real sculpture in stock today as my museum was lacking... he didn't...

Fake - the real one has it's eyes closed

Fake - the real one has short hair

Real - the fake one is looking forward

Fake - it has a carrot on it's nose

I bought the Graceful Painting, and he'll have it mailed to me tomorrow. He also had the Jolly Painting in stock again this week, he must be trying hard to get rid of it (maybe Ricky will buy it and sell me another forged painting...)

After spending some time on the island to regain the bells I just spent on the Dream Suite, I came across a lost item in town. I'd never come across one before so was pretty happy to find one today.

I asked around, and no one seemed to own it. Even Gossip Girl Gala was blank on who the item belonged to...

Rosie had no idea whose it was, either. I did go through her drawers and managed to snag a Birch Flooring though.

I asked Rodeo, Ricky, and Bree, it didn't belong to any of them. That left only Julian, Mac, and Greta - who weren't in town, and I was too lazy to look for them (Shari was in Re-Tail so I didn't have the option to ask if was hers). 

Rodeo has faith in me

After wondering around town, Rodeo thought it would be a nice idea to have a hammock installed... Maybe, Rodeo... maybe.

Shari was in her home now. I knocked on her door and spoke to her... She seemed to think I was coming to rob her, again...

She seems paranoid... Maybe it has something to do with
 her personality?

The item didn't belong to Shari either... I soon saw Greta wondering around to the south of the town. And score! It was hers.

Case closed. Rodeo should be proud.

Other Things
As today is Monday, that's why today's post is incredibly short - I've literally had no time to play. I'm not sure if I'll play again tonight, since I haven't played after posting the past few nights, but we'll see how it goes. Cya!


  1. Whoa, how many times you got Redd? Today is my 14th day and no sight of him, at all... All I want is to build my 2nd museum's floor ):

    And congratulations on the Varia Suit! Seems to be a very sought item haha

  2. this is only my second time. My brother's only had him once, and I've yet to have Katrina and Katie appear and I'm in my 11th day.
    I think their appearances are random.

  3. I found a lost item at the beach yesterday. I asked Agent S if it was her item, and it was. THIS detective succeeded on the first try! :D


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