Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 2: Let's Get Down to Business

Here's what happened last night after my blog post;
- Ricky sold me a fake painting (darn you)
- No tarantulas

I would have stayed up later (I ended up going to sleep around midnight) but I had a really bad cold so I was unable to keep myself awake that long.

When I switched the game on, I could see some black tulips in the opening screen. I was amazed to know I had made hybrids after my first day - but it wasn't only a black tulip. There were also some pink cosmos and roses!

I had also been told by Isabelle to meet her in the Town Hall when I had time - so I could start my developers permit! I entered the Town Hall and sat in my mayors chair, to find out I already had an approval rating of 37% - only 63% to go.

I left the Town Hall and began to do my daily chores around town, water flowers, dig up fossils and pull weeds.

Apparently today was Father's Day but I got nothing in the mail...

I then began talking to villagers and doing jobs for them to attempt to raise my approval rating, and after doing a few jobs, I found my approval rating had hit 100%!

It only took me about 2 hours to complete!

Joan was in town today, as it was Sunday. She was selling turnips for 96 bells - but I decided against buying any, I'll get some next week. I also saw a new villager would be moving in soon, Julian, who is the Unicorn I believe. I'm pretty excited to have him in my town (will be disappointed if it's not him)

I then remembered I hadn't been to Main Street all day, so I did so straight away. I visited Nook's Homes first, to have him tell my tent had been removed, and overnight I had been given a house. I then left to go to the Post Office to pay off my house, and then headed back to Nook's Homes to further expand my house.

I also had better luck at getting a decent fortune today.

I couldn't be bothered to check my fortune cookie rewards guide, so I just handed the ticket in. I was almost positive the word 'bombs' would have given me a Zelda themed item. To my surprise I was rewarded with a Yellow Pikmin.

I then headed back to town to fish some more, and catch a handful or new bugs, to fill up the museum. I carried on hunting until the late afternoon, when I could hear a present flying by. I was shocked to see it was the Sliver Slingshot flying by, I haven't even gotten a slingshot yet, and it's only my second day!

You can wait for the balloon to reach the cliff where you can then hit it
 down with your net or shovel.

I was about to head off and have dinner when I saw Phineas hiding in the trees. 

I didn't think I'd done enough to earn a badge... Clearly I had because he gave me the Fish Maniac Badge - for catching 50% of the total fish species found in Skyfall.

That's about all for today. Sorry for the lack of depth. Skyfall was pretty boring today, not to mention my head cold has left my memory hazy. Hopefully I'm better for tomorrow so I can remember my day in full, I should be able to set an ordinance and build my first Public Works Project. Exciting!

Now off I go to cook some dairy free - high in garlic pasta to help exterminate my cold so I'm okay for school tomorrow. I'll continue playing into the night after I've cooked my pasta, and post anything interesting in tomorrows post.

The town tree grew!

Skyfall's temporary town flag

A festive lantern I got yesterday as a part of the Bug-Off, as well as 
the fake Serene Painting Ricky sold me


  1. 50% already? On day two? Respect. It's my second day as well, and I have 25 (out of like 60 or something)

  2. I saw the Silver Slingshot on my first day but it was floating towards the cliff and not the ocean. Sad day...

    1. Ive had the game for 18 days and I only got it today, along with a silver shovel + axe. In the same day.

    2. i have had it ever sense june 9th 2013 and the only silver slingshot i have is one my BFF gave me!


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