Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 5

Couldn't think of a nice fitting title today... oops

Last Nights Capers
I spent it at the island and made a few thousand bells, nothing terribly exciting.

It was raining today in Skyfall, I was pretty happy as I'd ever experienced rain before - I hoped to get some spare time so I could search the beach for a coelacanth but I didn't get the time... Damn. Hopefully it'll still be raining tomorrow. We can only hope.

The perfect cherry tree grew

Whilst I was in that neck of town, I decided to check out Re-Tail. Gala had put a wall flowerpot up for sale, I couldn't resits it's cuteness and bought it for a few hundred bells. Thanks Gala!

I then headed out to check out Shari's house, who turned out to be a monkey (not the desert hamster like I thought) - she's actually kinda ugly, what's with Skyfall getting really ugly villagers...

Since Shari's house was below the Town Hall, I decided to check on Isabelle, who was planning on holding a ceremony for completing the suspension bridge.

After celebrating the construction of Skyfall's first public works project, I realized I've never bought anything from Nook's Homes. Whenever I wanted to buy something I'd already paid off my home for that day and Nook would refuse a sale. I didn't plan on paying any of my mortgage off today, so that was that, I headed to Nook's Homes to buy my first piece of house exterior.

It matched my shirt so I bought it lol

My brother finally came hope, so I took the opportunity to StreetPass with him.

His Wild World town was called Old Tree, I liked his idea.

He expanded his house but forgot to move his furniture... oops

I hadn't really gone swimming around town since I got my wet suit, so I thought it was time we fixed that. I didn't find anything interesting, but I did come across a familiar face.

He game me some Pirate Armour and spoke some strange sea talk.

My brother asked if he could visit my town and I saw no reason he shouldn't. I opened my gate and he came over right away. I asked what he wanted to do and he said he wanted to go to the island (he doesn't get his 'til tomorrow). So we hopped on the boat and played on the island late into the night.

Other Things
Pink tulips, yay

He looks so kawaii

I got a Blue Falcon

The Mouth of Truth I got from Gulliver

Julian's house

Aww what a cutie!!

She wanted to call me 'Lamb' but I had other plans...

Sorry for the short post tonight. I have to be up early tomorrow (and Friday, so tomorrow's post will probably be short, too)  but Saturday should hold a nice lengthy post. Cya.


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