Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 21

Last Nights Caper
Finally we have something! I spent a long time at Club LOL (I don't know why, it was just addictive using the D-Pad to dance). I didn't come across any scorpions. I saw three tarantulas, two of which threw themselves into the river, and one I caught. Rosie also suggested we build a brick bridge.

Day 21
As I suspected yesterday, Gulliver was washed ashore. I'm glad he was in town today.

As per usual, he asked me what country he had come from, giving me several hints.

My options were;
- Poland
- Germany
- France
- Czech Republic

I guessed Germany and was correct. As usual, I haven't checked my guide for what I should be getting, so it'll be a surprise.

Julian also decided to drop the bomb that he was leaving. First I've heard... Why can't it be Ricky instead... Ughh. Regardless, I managed to convince him otherwise and he decided to stay in Skyfall for a little longer.

The town tree had also grown into the 20 hours/day phase. I thought I could sit on it now, but not until the 50 hours/days stage. Just another month left until I can see Skyfall's progress. 

Katie was also in town. I don't know why I get her so often... I didn't have anyone I could take her to in the morning, so I had to wait until the night, where I took her to Harry's town, Emble.

My basement had also been constructed. It looks rather gloomy at present since there's no sign of life down there... I'm still not sure as to whether or not I want to expand my room, or add another one... 

Skfall had also hit the 3,500 mark. Maybe by the time I hit 20,000 tumblr followers that'll be a more substantial number. Still not sure what I'll do for the big 20k celebration.. Please, give me ideas.

My second was a repeat, much like my two yesterday,
 which is why they weren't included

I also gave Shrunk another cherry, in exchange for another reaction. I was hoping for a more uplifting one today, alas, he taught me the aggravation joke. Maybe tomorrow he'll give me a more suited joke.

Greta also suggested we build a metal bench. It looks fairly nice, I'll probably end up building it. However, I am building two street lamps beneath the fountain, just to up Skyfall's appeal. I'll probably end up removing them later, don't mind though, they're pretty cheap.

Unrelated News
I really need to begin doing school work. I've had a week off from tomorrow, and I've done no work what so ever (apart from going into school on Tuesday). I really need to get started. Also not another big issue, but today's post seems a little out of whack and doesn't seem to flow - I just haven't put a lot of effort into that today, as the last two posts have had very little traffic, making me think people are losing interest in this blog. I'm going to continue posting daily, but unless activity picks up, I'm going to have more posts like this, since I don't want to waste my time on something people are losing interest in. That said, not a lot happened today so that's one reason why it doesn't flow, however the coming posts should have more of a structure. Also I believe I should be getting the next Nookling upgrade in the coming days.

More pink roses

wot r u doin u dnt belong ther!!

Yellow hibiscus bushes grew


  1. Aww, I'd be disappointed if you stopped this blog! This is one of my favourite AC blogs :(

  2. i am from germany and your blog is the only thing that keeps me alive until I get the game myself. love you x


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