Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 23

Last Nights Caper
Didn't play. I am going on after tonight's post, though (essentially because I've barely played today).

Day 23

I did sleep in today (well not really, but I spent a long time in the shower so by the time I was ready to play it was already 11:40), but I still managed to catch Joan in time. I decided to take a gamble on turnips this week (and lucky I did). I bought ~850,000 bells worth of turnips, since she was selling them for a low 91 bells.

I also managed to get the bell rock to produce gems today. I'd been waiting for this for a while now (for those wondering, it randomly happens if you use a silver shovel), I just wish I had gotten different colored gems instead.

The notice board gave me two important details; one being Bree's birthday, the other being, as I predicted, Nooklings was closing for expansion tomorrow.

As Bree's house was right next to Main Street, I decided to give her my best before heading on out to the mall. Bree had a celebration going on in her house, though only Gala was invited.

She'd changed up her house and everything just for her birthday (she even had K.K. Birthday playing). I spoke to her and she asked if I had a present. I handed her over a cherry and she seemed to love it.

The Nooklings were also having a closing down sale like last time. I believe everything is 50% off (except fortune cookies).

I didn't strike lucky today with getting the fortunes correct. I only got one correct, which was one I had already gotten, the Red Pikmin.

Instead of handing the fortune in for the Red Pikmin, I kept it for keeps sake.

Shampoodle was under construction as well today, much like I expected. I believe it takes two days to open, I could be wrong though.

At Club LOL, I handed Shrunk over another basket of cherries in hopes he'd give me a nice reaction this time (who am I kidding, he ain't gonna). He gave me the mischief reaction.

Back in town, Mac suggested we build a blue bench. The only bench I really want is the log bench, so sorry buddy, I don't think we'll be building this. Keep suggesting more, though.

With Mac's suggestion reminding me, I decided to go to the Town Hall to celebrate the opening of the cafe.

After checking out its surroundings, I decided to head on in and see what the inside was like. I really don't like the new tune that plays. Maybe I just need to give it time to grow, but it just sounds weird (maybe because it's just a different rendition of the original track?).

I bought a coffee for 200 bells. I've honestly forgotten how many I need to drink before I can order take-out coffee, and how many I need to drink before I can start working. I'm too lazy to check my guide, so I guess I'll just play and find out. I think it may be four of each though, not really sure.

I then headed back to the Town Hall to build another street lamp in the corresponding spot to the other. It should look nice when completed. I paid it off right away, so I'll get it tomorrow. 

Whilst going through my drawers as I was cleaning them out, I came across my large assortment of giant clam shells (I collected them at the start of the game and have a whole drawer full). I then searched through to find the song K.K. Slider had hooked me up with yesterday, and took them both to Re-Tail for Cyrus to make me a nice music box.

I haven't had time to play since, so I've yet to go back and pick it up. Re-Tail is closed now, so I'm going to have to wait until tomorrow to pick it up.

I also heard on the grape vine that there were a few towns with high turnip prices (one having 515, and another having 575). Originally I came across the town buying them for 515 bells, but they were charging a 500,000 bells entry fee (no thanks). Then I came across a nice girl (Johanna), who had them going for 575 bells, and wasn't charging an entry fee. I went to her town and sold all my turnips, each pocket full selling for 920,000 bells. In total I made just over 4,200,000 bells.

Unrelated News
I didn't get much of a chance to play today (I did some more assignment work and went out for dinner), and tomorrow I'm going out from 10:30 until late. So I don't think I'll have much gameplay tomorrow. I am planning on being home for dinner, so I shouldn't be home too late. Anyway, that's about all for tonight. Cya!

I'm still working on the dream address advertisement I was talking about yesterday, so don't worry. I just haven't had time to test it out yet. I'm also very very close to 20,000 tumblr followers, so I need to come up with something quick on how to give back.


  1. Geez, 4 million bells?! I always seem to fail at making a lot of money and no one in my area plays the game, so I don't actually go to other people's towns that often :c

    Maybe I should get the guide, I feel like I'm just doing everything wrong in this game, haha. Your posts are great, by the way!

  2. Omg, 4 million :O!
    I'm adding you to my friends list, my code is 3625-8386-4617. You have a greeat village!

  3. Shampoodle is open, (opened yesterday) and The cafe is built in Crapton! Now to wait for the renovations to finish at the Nookling stores... Also, Pinky's sick. Where's the medicine when I need it?!



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