Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 24

Last Nights Caper
I finally got to play, how exciting. I'll admit, it is pretty nice playing during the night, the music is rather soothing and I've honestly missed the relaxed feel.

Two main things happened last night, one being that I caught a scorpion (I really need to get a scarab beetle now), and the other being Tanabata, which will be covered at the end of this post.

Day 24

I was out much later than expected, I didn't get home until 7:30! It was kinda weird playing solely at night, and not at all during the day, and felt rushed as I only had around 30 minutes until some of the shops in Main Street closed.

He sneezed like 57265 times during his show

Finally Shrunk has got the knack of the reactions I'm after. The sneezing emote is really cute.

Nooklings was closed due to upgrades, and Shampoodle was still under construction. I still don't know if Shampoodle takes two or three days, guess we'll find out tomorrow (I'm pretty sure it's three, though).

I also had some mail, an aluminium case, for saving up lots of bells in the bank (too lazy to check/remember how many it was, but it's listed in my post office guide).

I also managed to get a total of three AC streetpasses from going out today.

We have the same town name, and her birthday is the day after mine

They had some really nice houses.

Denny had a snow globe, which I adored so I lovingly ordered, whilst Doroppu had the EU DLC, Shaved Ice Lamp, which is sadly unorderable (I should probably put the Best Buy and EU DLC to the wish list).

I still haven't visited any dream towns of people I've gotten via streetpass. I will one day though.

Saharah was roaming around Skyfall, and as usual, I paid her 3,000 bells to redesign my house. She gave me a Stone Wall and Classroom Floor (both I think are exclusives??). It looked really nice, so I decided to keep them showing.

Phineas was also in town, who had two badges to give me. To no surprise, they were both in regards to turnips. I get the next one at 10,000,000 bells I believe - only 6,000,000 more to go.

Rodeo also decided he wanted to move out (seriously, it's been everyone but Ricky...). To my dispense I said yes. Even though he was an original villager, and has a nice house, I don't really like him. He has grown on me since Day 1, but not enough to want him to stay.

Rod was also moving in. Since I already have 9 villagers, the tenth must be obtained from a friends village, or the campsite. And since I don't have the campsite, it has to be from another village. It'll be interesting to see where he came from because I'm not sure which friend's village had Rod.

I then decided to celebrate the completion of the street lamp. It was a much better turn up this time than the previous one.

My memory also clicked in that I remembered having Cyrus make me a music box. I can't really judge it as of yet, I've yet to listen to it, and it's still in my pockets. I guess we'll find out tomorrow (like we do with most things).

Julian also suggested we build a Stonehenge. I've always wanted one of these since I found out about it, but the only real place I want it to be is where the fountain is, but I'm not putting it there since that area is coming across nicely. I guess I'll find another place (maybe on the western side or in the flower patch).

Late last night, I got word that the Tabanata event was happening in Japan. Now from memory (excuse me if I'm wrong), Tanabata is the wishing festival, where Japanese people will tie wishes to bamboo and trees in hopes the gods will come down and read them, making their wishes come true (or, at least that's what I remember from school), google could probably do a better job at explaining than me.

Oashisu village

I arrived in Oashisu (Oasis) village to celebrate the event. Isabelle welcomed me into the foreign village, and handed me some bamboo grass.

They also had a photoboard which we took our pictures in. I also took a few single ones, and if I have time (who am I kidding, if I can be bothered) I'll edit them together again.

The bamboo grass also seemed to have a large number of wishes attached to it, which I read;

They're all the wishes I could find, there could be a few more. Anyway, if you wanna inspect it for a few wishes of your own, visit me via the Dream Suite, and you can find my bamboo grass in the basement of my house.

Unrelated News
I really didn't get much time to play today (I'm surprised at the length of this post), I'm also going into school tomorrow so I won't be playing much tomorrow (err.. today? I don't know what people class tomorrow as), but should get a nice amount of game-play in. We've also hit 20,000 followers, so thank you so much, and I'm working on a Dream Address system, so that should be coming in a few days (I hope) - I just need to figure out how I'll make it work.

And that's exactly what I've been doing through out this whole blog post (and I apologize if there are and spelling/grammatical errors), so I'll chat to you tomorrow, bye!

Turning Gala into Nicki Minaj


  1. I still haven't been able to catch the tarantual, I saw 2-3 one night and they all pounced on me! D:
    Pretty envious you got to celebrate tanabata! I'm getting tempted to buy a Japanese system purely for their events (and to use that game for time travelling haha)

    and I did a little post about my visit to Skyfall! :)

  2. Oh and I'm in the progress of getting some shaved ice lamps, if you still want one I will totally gift it to you!
    Your Tumblr has been so helpful it's the least I could do to say thank you

  3. I did a little post about my visit to Skyfall too. :3

  4. my town had ten villagers until a had someone move recently. i also have a campground in my town too.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. What is better selling your scorpion or donating it?


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